CS1000p and LSi front speakers

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I'm thinking about upgrading my RT800i front speakers with the LSi series speakers. I really like my CS1000P center channel and would like to keep it. Will the LSi series work with the CS1000P ?

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    i dont know...but i dont see why they didnt make the lsic like the 1000p or whatever....because its an advanced center channel... with drivers, and a tweeters and two subs...i wouldnt mind having that myself....but u gotta lay down the bills...
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    Hunter' it up, drop in a Vifa ring-radiator....

    Seriously, it won't be a perfect match, but that's not saying you wouldn't enjoy it.

    I prefer to have at least the front soundstage from the same *line* of speakers, so I would recommend that if LSi floats your boat for mains, get the matching center...

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