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Hi everybody. I've had this pair of Polks for about a year, and I'm in love with them. In very good condition with manuals, original boxes, etc., these speakers sound incredible and will look great in any room (well, unless you "accidentally" put them in a room where a spouse/parent didn't let you ;). I'm going to post pics soon, but I can't find my digicam in my shoebox-sized apartment.

The RTi12s are the top of the line in Polk's RTi series, and they're amazing. I'm selling these speakers for two reasons: I moved out of my parent's house in June, and now live in a small apartment. I don't have room for these speakers, and if I did, my neighbors would kill me because the landlord took serious shortcuts on wall thickness. Second, I have an internship in Germany over the summer, and three months later, I'm moving to another apartment. These speakers have been unused for over half a year.

I'm asking $800+shipping. And if you live around Toledo, OH, you could do a local pickup. To sweeten the deal, I'll add my Sonic T-Amp. Please, someone, give these speakers a good home and help finance my trip overseas. PM me if you have any questions.

Also, I have been a member of Head Fi for more than two years. My screen name there is gradofan, and strohmie, gerG, and Hirsch can vouch for me.
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    You may want to post some pictures. If you have any buyer/seller feedback
    from Ebay or Head Fi, also post include it in your post. Good luck!
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    I'm from headfi and I can vouch for him.
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    Thanks Joey. Also, thanks for turning me on to this forum.
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    gradofan wrote:
    Thanks Joey. Also, thanks for turning me on to this forum.

    That almost sounded sexual:eek: J/K welcome to the forum
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    Lol! Yeah, I have to say, it's a good thing we have commas in English; if you put 'em in the wrong place, it's pretty weird.
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    Are these the cherry or black speakers? I went to school at UT and live in Zanesville. How is Carty Finkbeiners $10,000 shower stall coming? LOL
    Did you use the Sonic T-amp with these? Just wondering how well these sounded if so. I have a pioneer 1014 but i'm afraid i'd need to get a dedicated amp to make these babies sing.
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    Pics would help:confused:

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    These are the cherry speakers, fortunately for me :). They're gorgeous. Ah, Carty's $10,000 shower stall is probably going to be upgraded right after he moves the deaf people near the airport. (For those of you who haven't heard of Toledo, OH's mayor, he has three entries in a book of the 1,001 stupidest things ever; he also wanted to make the old side of downtown Toledo the next Hollywood).

    Anyway, I did use the Sonic T-Amp for these and it sounded okay. However, there wasn't the dynamic range I need and that, mind you, was in a small 13x13 room. So I think you'd definitely want to have a standalone amp of some sort, but this is my only pair of speakers, so I couldn't give you much advice. I used a mid-80s NAD amp that I bought for about $100, and it was incredible.

    I'm heading to Chicago and New York in a few hours, so I won't have pics posted until after then.
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    Back in Toledo. Bump!
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    Back to asking for pics :)
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