Stacked RT55I's ???

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A question from a beginner. Recently bought two sets of RT55I so I could take advatage of the 7.1, but right now I can't set it up. Last night I was playing around and Stacked the 55 one on top of the other. This seemed to make the sound come alive compaired to just listening to one pair. Was that just my imagination? Why would doubling the speakers have an audio differents? I tried to keep the volumn the same for both setups.
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    Others have stacked one pair on top of another and liked the result.

    Why does it come alive and make a difference, well you have twice the amount of speakers, the "extra" sound is not your imagination.

    I just wonder if you were to do an A / B test if this set-up is really better? or just different, who knows.
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