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I am upgrading my old stereo system to home theater. I have the Polk SDA 2 floor standing speakers I will use for my front speakers. I will be using a Yamaha HTR-5490 Receiver – 80 watt Dolby 6.1. I need to get a center speaker, left and right surround speakers, a subwoofer, and a back surround speaker. Any recommendations for Polk speakers that will be an appropriate match for my SDA 2 speakers and the Yamaha HTR-5490?
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    Welcome to the forum. Man....your first post is a doozy. If your looking to buy new, you could pick just about whatever you like and can afford. I am not much of a HT person myself, but the center channel looks like will be the hardest for you to match with the SDA's. If you want to by used....this is want I would do to match with the 2's. Depending on were you will be placing your center channel.....I might consider a pair of Monitor 5's one for the center and one for the back surr. If you are going to place the center on the TV you most likely will run into shielding problems though. For you rear....again it all depends on thing like room and placement. Again I would still look for something used with the SL2000 tweeter (I am assuming your 2's have this tweeter), but I don't think the rears are a critical and the center will be on matching. I would look again at some used Monitor series with the SL2000. This is really a tough question and there will be many options and opinion as what you should do.....I use SDA's for fronts and don't use a center channel. My Yamaha will send the center channel signal to the L&R fronts....But the HT guru's think I'm a nut.. :D
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    I bought a pair of SDA2's a couple of months ago for
    an HT setup. They are my fronts, I bought a Polk CS400i
    center and a Polk 450 sub. My rears are some old
    tower speakers I have that I will change to Polks
    sometime. I am very happy with this setup. I'm using
    an Onkyo 595 dts receiver and IMO, the SDA 2's blend
    very well with the CS400i and 450. I'm sure Nascarman
    is right that if you can get some monitors with theSL2000
    tweeter they will match better than the CS400i but
    the CS400i is dynamite too.
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    Rears: SDA2's
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    I think a couple members mentioned a certain Def Tech center matched up very well their SDA's........ Get your search on...

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