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I have found a pair of SDA-1C's for sale not too far from where I live. I believe the price is decent but need some info before I make up my mind. First I have never owned or heard any of the SDA series speakers. What should I be looking for when checking these out other than how they sound? What are some of the things that could be problem areas with SDA's? Any advice on listening material to take with me when I audition? There is nothing on this model speaker in the vintage section and very little info on the 'net that I could find using a google search. What is a fair price for these speakers assuming that they are in good condition? Thanks.........
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    Good demo material....Fleetwood Mac/Rumors

    Fair price.....$550-$750 if they are the real oak or walnut tops and bottoms. Studio model $400-$550. Make sure you have the SDA cable or they don't work right.....
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