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well i know there are a bunch of SDA enthusiasts on here so i thought i would throw this out there:

i am not all that familiar with these but i was thinking of bidding on them, is this a good price? seems pretty reasonable except for the shipping costs are going to be pretty high.
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    Value-wise, I would think they could hit the 4 to 5 Franklin range, but not any more.
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    I just bought a pair of Polk SDA2's and I love them!! I lucked
    out and got them locally so I didn't have to pay any shipping
    costs. The ones you are looking at look like they are in
    great condition and they have the SL2000 tweeters which
    are great. Go for it if the price is right.
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    Shipping should not be that bad. I think they can go UPS, if not ABF Trucking has some good deals online. I had a pair of 2.3TL's (about 400lbs.) shipped from CA to MD for only $250.00. The 2's weigh less so shipping cost should be less. Any SDA speaker is worth owning.
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