Question for GuitarheadCA on RM6600/PSW450

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Question for GuitarheadCA on RM6600/PSW450


First time on the site to post...I have a couple of questions if you have the time...I have the RM6600 and PSW450...My HT box is a Sony 444ES...Right now I have my setup as follows, the RM6600 are connected direcly to the receiver and I do not have the new SUB hooked up yet...When I do connect the 450, do you think I should hook it up to the LFE and leave the 6600's connect directly to the 444ES...This is how I had my old speakers setup, I am not a big fan of connecting the front speakers to the SUB...I think you get better sound with a direct connection...Also do you know the settings for the AMP...Any help would be great, Thanks...
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    Well, I made a short post on your other thread, but I guess I'll answer this one as well.

    Sorry to say, I don't know Sony ES receivers very well.

    However, I still think it's safe to say hook up your satellites directly to the reciever, and the sub to the LFE out much like you suggested. There are several advantages to this. First, you can fine tune the volume of the sub using a channel adjustment on the reciever. Second, you can often cross over the satellites higher and free up the bass load on them. Ideally you would cross them at 100-150 hz. Play around with your reciever to see if you can do this. Usually this entails setting all the speakers to "small" and sub to "yes" on your bass management.

    Of course, you should try running them through your sub as well. Make sure you select the 80hz high pass filter on the 450 to "On" and you select your front speakers to "large" and sub to "off" on your reciever.

    In the end, always go with what sounds best.
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    I should have been more clear...I do have my old sub hooked up at this point...I would never hookup SATs without a SUB, it would sound horrible...I just have not hooked up my 450 yet...I will take your advice on the hook up, at this point I do not have the 6600's running through the sub, I think it sounds good, but I will play around with it and see what I get...Thanks again...Tom
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