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(2) JBL SRX-4722 12 Inch Speaker (600 Watts)
(2) JBL SRX-4718 18 Inch Subwoofer (600 Watts)
(2) JBL SRX-4715 15 Dual Subwoofer (1200 Watts)
All Wattage Ratings Are Continuous
JBL SRX Series Are Top Of The Line Series Speakers

(1) Amp Rack
(1) Furman Power Conditioner
(1) Rane Compressor / Limiter
(1) Rane GE60 EQ
(2) QSC PLX-3402

Contact [email protected] if intrested.
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    Thanks for joining us to peddle your gear.
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    1 post.... you need something more than that if you want sales here. This is a pretty tight knit forum.

    If you have friends in here that can vouch for you, it would help out potential Polkie buyers a lot.

    Just FYI.
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    Eric, post prices, pictures, and most imporantly, in the right'll have better luck selling on the Garage Sale (car audio) forum instead of Flea Market (home audio).

    Also, any references that you have from places that you've sold will help, but in general, people that have joined the forum just to sell things don't get an overwhelmingly positive greeting.............
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    take it to Ebay. this is a Polk Audio forum. why do you think anyone would want JBL speakers?

    You wouldn't sell a Ford truck in a Chevy truck forum would you?????????????

    but if you're willing to sell it all. i'll give you 10 bucks for the lot? Deal?

    thought so.
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    You guys are too much. Welcome to the forum!
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    i'll take the QSC what'ca ma' call it for $4.75.
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    ............And the beatdowns continue......
  • drew speltsdrew spelts Posts: 309
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    I almost feel sorry for EricKunins I mean this is almost as bad as a gang initiation!!!!
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  • nesticlenesticle Posts: 86
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    danger boy wrote:
    You wouldn't sell a Ford truck in a Chevy truck forum would you?????????????

    Haven't you ever seen someone try to sell a Mustang on a Camaro website? It's some pretty funny stuff :D
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