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I just purchased and installed a set of RM6600s. They sound excellent on both DVD and CD applications, however, occassionally I'm getting some distortion from one or both of the front channel speakers when watching DVDs with "big" sound like Star Wars or The Matrix--often during scenes with a lot of bass. Keep in mind, I'm also running through a powered sub, so all bass would be filtered out of the satellites.

I've seen some postings complaining about Sony receivers--which I'm using.

Do I have a faulty speaker, or is it more likely my receiver? Anyone else had this problem?
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    Sounds like the ol' "Sony Factor" too me......
    Oh, the bottle has been to me, my closes friend, my worse enemy!
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    Make sure you speakers are set to small on the receiver.
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    I caught two errors I need to correct right off the bat.

    1. By running your satellites through the sub, you are not necessarilly taking the bass out of them. The PSW 250, 350, and 550 all send out the same full range signal through speaker level that they recieved. Of the polk subs, only the 450, and I think the 650 will actually insert a high pass filter out to the satellites, Thus removing the bass.

    2. Make sure your front speakers are set to LARGE. You will not get any bass if your sub is patched into the front speaker line and they are set to small. However, you should make sure any speakers not going through the sub (center and rears) are set to small.

    Also, make sure you don't boost the bass on the reciever when you want more low end. If you boost the bass on the reciever, you're also feeding more to the satellites. If you want more bass, turn up the gain on the sub.
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