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    You never know what you have until you see it...2 tweeters is a dead give-away for early SDA2.
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    Yes, these appear to be early SDA2's. My SDA2's have SL2000's in them, but these appear to have the 1000's. Polk only lists the SDA2's of any revision as having 2000's, but apparently they used the 1000's in the beginning.

    Also, to recap-

    SDA2- 2 tweeters, 3 mids (2 stereo, one SDA) per cabinet
    SDA2a/2b- 1 tweeter, 2 mids (1 stereo, one SDA) per cabinet

    They are much different speakers, but often sellers just put "SDA2" when they mean 2a or 2b. IMO, the 2a and 2b were different enough that they should've been a different number... but that's just me.
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    what VD doesn't know is that we bid backwards here so the longer he waits to give you an answer, the more likely someone else will bid $149 which he will have to accept or get nothing.

    lol thats funny!!!! :D Nice to see some humor.

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    nadams wrote:
    Yes, but unless they were early runs, they should've had sl2000's. Actually, now that I look at the info from Polk, it looks like all variations of the SDA2, beit the original 2's, the 2a's, or the 2b's, should've had the SL2000. But Polks website is known for omitting certain information, due to the fact that Polk was not real big on documenting all their model line changes. If the tweeters in the speakers in this thread are original, they must be an early run of SDA2's. Nothing wrong with that, just different.

    These are exactly like the pair i've got... earlier.
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    The "original" SDA-2 did come with the SL1000s just as the "original" SDA-1 did.

    The SDA-1 was made in '82 & '83. It was changed into the SDA-1A in '84 and continued as the 1A through '85 & '86. It was with the SDA-1A that the 1s started coming with the SL2000s.

    The SDA-2 was made in '83, '84, '85 & '86. The first year run of the 2s came with the SL1000s and then started coming with the SL2000s in '84. Unlike the the SDA-1 becoming the SDA-1A though, the SDA-2 didn't become the 2A in '84.

    In '87 the SDA tweeters were dropped from all SDAs. That is when the 1A became the 1B, the 2 became the 2A and the CRS became the CRS+.

    '88 saw the 1B become the 1C and the 2A become the 2B.

    Now, did anyone end up with these?
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    I wouldn't have minded a pair of those for my "upstairs" system. But I've spent way too much lately. However, if pushed against the wall and nobody wants them I'll do my Road Warrior thing and drive down there. Those look real nice!
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