my marantz only has one set of "multi channel inputs...

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the new sacd and dvd that i just both have 5.1 hookups, can i hook up both with a "Y" splitter in to the one set of inputs on the marantz sr18ex???:confused:
--MARANTZ SR18ex 140wpc x 5 (high current/direct amp)thx-ex "ultra"
electrohome tube amp 15watt. pr channel(aprox.1955a.d.) for 2 channel audio{recently recapped& tubed-5ar4power rect. & 12au7)
-kenwood amp(km-996/140wpc(used for 7.1 rears(thx ex)
-toshiba dvd video/audio player(progressive scan) sd-4700
-sony sacd cd player scd-xe670
-nakamichi "music bank cd player "6+1disk(20bit dac)
-toshiba hifi vcr (v3 pro head)
-motorola digital cable box
-RCA 32' "home theater" PIP tv
-polk RT800i x 2 (mains) ~bi-wired
-polk sc400i x 1 (center) ~bi-wired
-polk fx300i x 2 (side fx) ~di-pole
-polk r10 x 2 (rears)
-polk pws250 (powered sub)
-2x173ltr(48"-16")sono subs(powered by kenwood kr-7200 250watt & w/ audiosource EQ (model eq eight/series II)
-Thorens td-166 mk II/Grado silver fs1
-Thorens td-160/empire 66cart
-Dual 601
-D.I.Y. carfea "little big horns"-(pioneer full range 8" & fostex 4" compression horn tweaters
-sony (ps1)
-sony (ps2)

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    just my idea on it, but why use 5.1 on the DVD? just use the
    Dig-Coax, or the Fiber Optic?
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    You won't get the multi-channel DVD-Audio sound through the digital connection. The regular multi-channel from a video DVD, yes, but not DVD-Audio. You must use the 5.1 analog connections.

    I would be inclined to think that a high-quality "Y" cable would work, but it wouldn't be ideal. Depending on the output impedence of the players and how they behave when they're off----you might get some sort of interference--- or it might not work at all. It would be worth a shot. Some sort of switching device would be the best way to go, but again, I'm not sure where you would find one. Perhaps someone on here will know.

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    i read somewhere that there are 5.1 switchers out there already, altho they may be rare enuff at this point in time that they may cost a bit more than they will a yr from now (or maybe 6 months from now, the way time moves in the a/v world!). i remember when i could locally only find one brand of a/v switcher that had s-video, and now you can get multiple brands at the big chains. i'd just do a google search & see what pops up. someone can make money off it, so it's gotta be out there!
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    opps my bad I didn't realise the DVD was also a DVD-Audio device<i didn't read properly but hey I was drunk damn it!!!>

    I'm holding out on this whole DVD-Audio SA-CD thing for a bit untill I figure out what is gonna be worth it...<I'm still bitter about the DAT and MD thing>

    I do have a few DVD audio discs, and I enjoy all of them in 5.1 separation through my nice little fibre-optic cable, but that is because the producers of the disc were kind enough to add a 5.1 track to the DVD.

    Not all dvd-audios are like this, but most are.
    Is it the super high res that dvd-audio is... no but I can wait.
    The probibility of someone watching you is directly related to the stupidity of the action in question.:eek:
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    haroo: I'd think that 5 Y-splits would be your best option. You have a nice system. Don't skimp! There's plenty links around here to Signal cables. I bet Frank could make you some quality suff at a reasonable price. I like this more way more than a switcher. I'd just make sure both aren't powered-up at the same time.

    cgravil: I'm still sober and I too didn't realize that it was a DVDA. You were right on the money. Whenever I consider a CD purchase I consider DVDA (DVD playback), but no luck. Glad to hear you're jammin' the ghe...5.1 audio:D
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    are you callin ME ghetopimp.gif???? if so thank you!
    The probibility of someone watching you is directly related to the stupidity of the action in question.:eek: