Circuit City Swap out.

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Anyone ever swap their Speakers out before the end of the year at Circuit City?
I got a pair of FX300 and do to current configuration in the room these are not very practical. If I bring them in to Upgrade do they have to be an FX series or can they bascially be ANY Polk? or other speaker?

Just gonna ask people here that have experience before I run to CC and ask them, cause I know they might give me the run around.
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    The way I understand it is....if you spend more money it doesn't matter what speaker it is? But I have not done it myself....
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    I'm with the KING on this one, I don't think it matters but it wouldn't hurt to give them a jingle before you go over there....

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    I've done it, doesn't matter what you buy, as long as you spend more....
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    As far as I know, the 2 rules are

    1. time limit
    2. must cost more than original purchase

    For example, you can trade in one brand's 3-pc ctr/surround towards a pair of another brand's floorstanders as long as rules 1 & 2 followed.

    Don't know if subs are included.
  • RBreakRBreak Posts: 31
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    I traded a PSW650 for a Velodyne CHT15. At first the sales guy said he didn't know if he could do it because it was a sub and not regular speakers, but the manager came out and said no problem. The difference was only about $50, and I was very happy with the deal.
    I also bought my RT800i's at CC, then they went on sale almost a month later, they gave me the difference in cash with no hassle. A few folks badmouth CC because of the sometimes less than knowledgable sales staff (can be true at any store), but I feel some of CC's sales policies are pretty good. Good luck.
  • GuitarheadCAGuitarheadCA Posts: 400
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    Yeah- about a year ago, before I worked there, i did it several times.

    Traded a PSW 250 up for a 350
    Traded RT15is up for 25i's
    Traded RT25is up for 35i's
    Traded a CS175i up for a 245i

    Never had any problems.

    As far as the rules go, Russman and Meestercleef are both correct.
  • mjk91383mjk91383 Posts: 298
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    Originally posted by meestercleef
    must cost more than original purchase

    Not completely true, atleast here in Atlanta.

    When I traded up my RT35i's, PSW350 and RM7500's, all CC did was give me gift cards in the amount that I had originally spent ($1250).

    I asked the sales guy about it, and he said that I could spend it on whatever I wanted to in the store. I ended up walking out with a CSi40 and a pair of RTi70's. I even had enough leftover on the gift card to pick up a handful of DVD's (well, if you can call two a handful)

    I found this method to be extremely rewarding, and I'm looking forward to upgrading my RT25i's for a pair of FXi50's before years end.

    joe :D
  • SystemsSystems Posts: 14,998
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    i wonder if that's policy or just the guy you dealt with. anyway, i guess that it wouldn't hurt to at least ask for it if you are looking for something cheaper. in my case, there was nothing cheaper that I wanted, so it all worked out for the best.
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