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I will get right to the point. Five years ago, speaker shopping, I was impressed with Polk over all else. I purchased RT-7's for fronts, CS250 center, M1 surrounds, and run everything through an Onkyo 777 THX Select Receiver with a HT15 Cerwin Vega sub (the last two bought more recently). Anywho, I am planning on soon upgrading to a HDTV and "think" I would to revisit my speaker selection. I would love to stay with Polk and am interested in personals viewpoints for recommendations on speaker selection. I am researching some products but value the layman's opinion most. The only downers I can think of for what I already have is (1) my center channel can be more powerful, (2) I am looking for floorstanding fronts instead of the stands I use, and (3) I just don't really care for the M1's at all (surrounds then didn't really do anything b/c 5.1 was still too young). Thanks for your time . . . Suggestions???

Scott AZ
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    How much money are you working with?? That determines everything.
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    i would look at the polk lsi- line, you cant beat them for the money. you wont be disapointed, they will sound awesome with a good muti-cnannel amp that can run 4ohms
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    rt-20p surounds
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    cs-350 ls rear center
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    lets all go to the next ces.
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    I haven't demoed the LSi's but think that you couldn't go wrong with them.

    Having said that, if you want to compare to the current RTi line, I'm going to go on record and say that the RT7 is, IMHO, the best bookshelf that Polk has produced. You could get towers that will play lower, but in terms of sound quality, the RT7 is tough to beat.

    The center and rears, sure, just really depends on what you are looking to spend.

    If you decide to go with something else for mains, and you want to sell the RT7's lemme know.

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    If your interested you can take a look at the setup I currently have and make an offer. I'm upgrading so my current speakers are for sale. Click on my signature.
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