Line, Speaker, or LFE Input for PSW350?

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I just bought the RM6600 System with the PSW350 Sub and a Harman Kardon AVR125 Receiver. What would be the best connection set up? Do any of the connection setups give better sound quality or performance over the others? If I used the line level inputs, would I need to get a "Y" adapter for the sub cable to connect to the left and right inputs?
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    I believe Polk reccomends the seaker level inputs. If your HK has a variable low pass filter you could use the LFE input on the sub, and just set your filter to your speakers lower limit
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    Well, you have to try different things, and go with what sounds best.

    But typically, and also my personal recommendation, would be to hook up all the speakers straight to the speaker posts, and run the LFE pre-out to the sub.

    I'm very familiar with the reciever and the sub, First, No, you would not use a "y" connector when connecting to the sub, you would want to use the mono LFE input. The "Y" splitter would use the sub's internal crossover, which would double filter the reciever's crossover. In many cases, this doesn't sound bad; but with sattellite speakers, it's usually much worse.

    Next, Set all of the speakers to small. The HK crosses over at 100 hz, which is a little lower than polk reccommends, but is usually pretty good for sat/subs. You can do this by going into the OSD and setting the speaker configuration.

    Hopefully that helps, if you have any more specific questions, just ask, I've got the HK 225, and used to have the PSW 350- Good stuff.
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    LFE (subwoofer output) with Monster Bass cable to the subwoofer using a Y adapter for the sub's left and right inputs. Monster use to supply these with the cable. Set main speakers to small. Sub will recieve main speaker bass and lfe. Adjust bass management to likeing. Location of sub is also very important. With a smaller sub like yours I would try putting it in a corner. This is the only option for me and I have tryed them all. Hope it works for u.