Question about optimal Hook-up?

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I recently upgraded my system drastically! I replaced the RM6200 system with a CSi40, FXi30's,RTi100's, and a PSW450. Does anyone have any suggestions about preferred hook-up for this system. Any advice would be very helpful. Oh yeah, I am using an Onkyo 595 receiver.


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    Im not an expert but I had / have a similar system.
    I had RT800i mains, CS400i Center, & RT35i rears & an Onkyo TX DS595 rec. I connected all the speakers to the back of the reciver using Monster Z1 speaker cable w/bananas, all front speaker cable 10' legnth & rears also Monster Z1 35' legnth ea. I have a PSW650 sub connected to the LFE of the reciver & into the low of the Sub ( im not using the splitter to the sub) sub cable is Monster Z1. The system sounded very good to me hooked up that way. I set the distance of the speakers & the size of the speakers too ( I use large for the 2 front mains & small for the center & rears) I also got a radio shack SPL meter to balance the speakers ( this improved the sound alot)I blended the sub in with directions I found on line at the carver website. I have recently upgraded to LSi15 mains, LSiC center, & LSiFX rears & added a seccond sub a carver Knight Shadow. I left all the hookups & settings the same, only thing I did was rebalance the speakers & for the sub I added a splitter out of the reciver & readjusted the subs (im not sure if the splitter is the best way to go but it works well). Im also using Monster M1000 dig coax cable for playing cds & Monster M1000 fiberoptic for movies, I like the fiberoptic cable for movies slightly more harsh but to me it sounds better(remember Im no expert just my oppion). You can select the input for dvd & cd on your reciver. Im very happy with my system now. Only complaint I dont have enough time to listen to it & watch more movies. I hope this helps!