RCA or Hugher Sat receiver?

GZGZ Posts: 343
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Looking to replace my nonDD Sony Directv receiver with DD. Any opinions on either the RCA DRD480RE or the Hughes Executive Director? Thanks in advance.
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  • HBombTooHBombToo Posts: 5,335
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    I have the RCA and it does just fine. Bought it from CC as an upgrade to dd also. I think I payed 80 bucks for it. Every now and then however it will blue screen on me and it needs a power cycle to reflash the software.

    I can't compare the 2 because I've never owned the Hughes.
  • fireshoesfireshoes Posts: 3,212
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    Get one of the sat receivers with Tivo or UltimateTV. You'll wonder how you lived without it. :)
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