IMAX 3D Space Station

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I saw this at the Maryland Science Center in Baltimore's Inner Harbour. They claim it's the best 3D yet, I say it was damn good. You almost feel like you're floating in space and you'll swear that M&M is going to hit you in the face. Suppose to be playing in selected IMAX's this summer, check it out. Rating 4 stars!!!

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    I just recently saw the Imax 3d Haunted Castle in the Luxor in Las Vegas. I was blown away. Imax uses a huge 100' screen - (inwhich you are only 15' away from) - large sound system - the latest and greatest shutter glasses. By for the most realistic 3d I have ever seen. They are able to pull of the effect using multiple projectors that are the size of a small car.
    So when I got back from vacation I did some searching on the web. I could not believe it - they sell all 4 of the Imax 3d DVD's(there are even adult titles being produced for the shutter glass tech.), the shutter glasses and the control box for under $100. I was going to charge admission on my 8 footer. Did a little more research and found out that the system only works on CRT tubes. No projection systems. Just like the light gun shooter games. Man I thought technology had gotten better since Duck Hunt. Anyway totally put a huge damper on my excitement. If only they could invent a 3d system that will work with projection systems.:supermad:
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