Das Boot Director's Cut vs. U-571

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After watching U-571 about 10 times in the last year, I felt it was time to drag out Das Boot Director's Cut for a comparo. I watched it over the last three nights (more than 3 hours long) and here's what I think.

Picture Quality:

U-571 hands down, no surprise here. But Das Boot isn't really that bad.

Audio Quality:

U-571 has better bass, deeper bass, and more dynamic range. The 5.1 digital remix for Das Boot is remarkably good, though, with some surprising surround sound effects. Overall the nod goes to U-571.

Music Score:

Das Boot has some pretty corny music, especially when the sub is cruising at the surface. Sounds like a cheesy national anthem. The music for U-571 is far more sophisticated and dramatic, putting you on the edge of your seat without you even realizing it.

Special Effects:

Depth charge simulation goes to U-571 easily, both inside and outside of the sub. I became painfully aware that Das Boot relies on the same depth charge scene several different times in the movie. To rub salt in the wound, it's not nearly as realistic as U-571.

Directing, Editing, and Acting:

U-571 is a sharper, cleaner, and smarter movie with respect to editing and pacing. Acting is first rate, but with a SLIGHT glossy and superficial feel.

In comparison, Das Boot has a much grittier, more HUMAN feel to it, with references to sex, farting, ****, pissing, boozing, puking, crotch crabs, rotting food, etc. This is what you'd expect REALLY happens on a sub. Das Boot is superior to U-571 in this area, and hits a home run. However, Das Boot occasionally has some very cliche Grade B scenes that kinda make you squirm and wish they weren't there.


Das Boot - gritty human drama with bad music, occasionally over the top acting and directing, and definitely showing its age. The original, but no longer the best.

U-571 - tight, sharp, great dramatic tension, technically far superior but with a squeaky clean Hollywood shine that ultimately robs the movie. Throw a little Das Boot human grit into U-571 and you'd have the ULTIMATE sub movie.

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    Again, Hats off to you Doc!
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    I still like Das Boot more. Has to be because the 1st time I saw it, I had to read the sub-titles. The first 10 minutes of the movie were a pain in the ****, but after that, I didn't even realize I was reading subs. I thought I was understanding the German. That is what I remember most about the movie. It became real to me. It is grittier and more in you face real. The characters were greasy pigs during the cruise. I do agree that U-571 is no slouch. I thought the sound (DTS) was superb. But I didn't get asa involved with the characters. I thought they acted well, although a little aseptic. As in the scene where the XO watched his CO float away. It just seemed that the XO was somewhat removed from emotion. I know the job had to get done and I know you don't have a memorial under fire, but the emotion just wasn't there.
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    Although U-571 is technically better, DB wins hands down for movie/film quality. It is unfair to compare the two side by side to do the time frame between.

    U-571 is a pretty-boy war movie.

    Peace Out~:D
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    I've owned U-571 for awhile, I've yet to finish the movie, I just select the cool scenes that rattle the house. I need to fire up das boot.
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    Well are you guys talking about "war" movies or "sub" movies. Because if you're talking about "sub" movies, one has to mention "Hunt For Red October." Can't count how many times I've seen that one.
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    The first release of Das Boot on DVD is the bad version, half of the movie on one side, the other half on the other side, and you know on DVD, there is no option to automatic side switching like lasedisc, what a bad deal! Don't get me wrong, Das Boot is one of the ten best movies of all times, but unless they release it on the new improved version, I will not waisting my money to buy it. So my vote is going to U571, at least for now while I'm waiting for "Windtalkers" to be on DVD...
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    Gak. Comparing U-571 to DAS BOOT is like comparing Bud Lite to real beer.

    I saw a trailer for the new Harrison Ford flick -- K19 or something, wherein he has a horrible faux Russian accent and the movie looks like "Hunt For Das Boot" -- and I'm afraid it's going to be another U571-like effects movie pretending to be a real film about people in a submarine.

    U571 had JON BON GOVI for goodness sake. Which is not as good a name as "Jergen Proctnow" (the lead in DAS BOOT).

    DAS BOOT is a masterpiece, even tho it's a "flipper" disc. No SE is planned anytime soon, so I'd pick it up if I were you.

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    I dunno, K19 looks pretty good, if you ask me.

    I'm gonna go see it.
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    [email protected]

    "There's nothing funny about a clown in the moonlight." - Lon Chaney
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    Hey - I DID say Das Boot hit a home run with respect to the realism of life on a sub, and the gritty human drama. It's a very cool movie that has some corny points that detract from it being a masterpiece.

    When it shines, it shines VERY brightly - I wouldn't have bought it if it didn't have redeeming qualities. But, ya gotta admit, the ending of Das Boot is very contrived and cliche and the music is cheesy.

    Ron is right, it is unfair to compare the two technically, given the time disparity, but hey, advances in technology is what HT is all about, and U-571 is near the top of everyone's demo list.

    U-571 is a damn good movie - Bon Jovi aside (I loved it when he got blown away). But the glossy "pretty boy" feel DOES detract somewhat from the movie.

    Comparisons between the two are inevitable, Micah. U-571 was America's answer to Das Boot, and the similarities between the two movies are obvious. They are much closer in theme and storyline than any other two sub movies, including The Hunt For Red October.

    Das Boot is a classic in the sense that U-571 will perhaps never achieve - if that's what your all getting at - I hear you and your points are well taken.

    "What we do in life echoes in eternity"

    Ed Mullen ([email protected])
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