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I am in the market for a new DVD player. The features I am looking for are as follows:

Multidisc (5)
Progressive Scan
Dolby Digital
MP3, CD, CDR-RW, VCD - pretty much standard nowadays
Digital audio compliant, either DVD-A, or SACD, just need one of those formats to have that capability, don't need both.

I would like to spend around 300 plus or minus a 100. I don't need a 1000 dvd player, just the features above. I have found some good 5 disc progressive scans, but they don't have a digital audio format, and some 5 disc with a digital audio format, that don't support progressive scan. I found a JVC XV-FA90BK, which seems to have all the features I want, but lacks some basic features like random play throughout all the discs, and some people commented on the component picture?

Any recomendations would be greatly appreciated.
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    Wait a little bit for dvd-audio/sacd. New models to come out.
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    ANy time frame? I am not sure when most companies release their new dvd models, is it soon, or will I have to wait a while. My purchasing deadline is mid september, should I wait until then?
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    jvc makes a 7 disk with all that i think for around 250 kenwood has a 5 disk for 250 but no dvd-a or sacd sony also has a 5 oisk but no sacd or dvd-a and toshiba also has a 5 disk but no sacd ans dvd a eather i have not tested these i just checked crutchfeild and some other sites if i got a dvd player i would want like a 300+ one if you get a 5 you still have to change disks and some of the mega changers will also flip the disk. when i replace my dvd player i will get a last years model of a mega changer but my single is good for now
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    I don't need a 1000 dvd player
    Come on - nobody NEEDS a $1000 player - but then again my credit card would not leave me alone. I like the new Denons.
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    You might want to consider the Panasonic DVD-RP82 that should come out later this month. Here is Panasonic's site with all of the info. HERE - RP-82. MSRP is $279 and you should be able to get it for around $225. It is a progressive-scan DVD-Audio/Video player with DVD-RAM, CD-R/RW, MP3 and WMA playback. Lots of cool features and no chroma bug. I will be getting this one to replace a 5 year old Toshiba that was one of the first to play DTS. It is still a pretty nice player but the upgrade fever has hit. I already have a Sony SACD CD (audio only) changer and with the RP-82 I will have both SACD and DVD-A covered. The only problem is that there are only a couple of preamps and no receivers that I am aware of that have more than one set of 5.1 analog inputs. This means that one of the formats will have to be 2 channel analog for the time being until a multiple switching box becomes available or I decide to buy one of the preamps with multiple 5.1 inputs like the Sony ES TA-P9000ES - (a 5.1 analog preamp).

    Since the Panasonic does not meet your 5 disc criteria you might want to consider the Sony DVP-NC650V. It is a 5 DVD/CD changer, SACD, CD R / CD RW playback. No MP3 or WMA. Here is Crutchfield's site that has a nice description of it. HERE. If you have any interest in this one you should act now. Crutchfield says it is no longer available and even Sony does not list is on their current product list. I saw it today on sale at Best Buy for $236. I don't think Sony is planning on any more SACD 5 disc changers. Thier new SACD-DVD model is a single disc player and none of their new 5 disc DVD players have SACD.

    A 5 disc DVD / DVD-A player might be the Toshiba SD4700. It is a 5 DVD/CD changer, DVD-A, CD R / CD RW, MP3 playback. No WMA. Check it out HERE. I have heard it too is being closed out and Best Buy has it on sale for $218.

    **CORRECTION** The Toshiba SD4700 is not a changer. They do not offer a DVD-A changer.

    A more pricey DVD-A 5 disc changer option might be the Yamaha DV-C6480 with a MSRP of $599.

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    Damn Shack: You da man! Good job.

    Cooka: I don't know of any that meet your needs, but I'll be on the lookout.
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    I read somewhere that Pioneer will be introducing more universal players soon (will play DVD-A & SACD). I think that right now they have 2 models. Can't remember where I read it, maybe the online version of Stereophile or Sound & Vision.
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    The Yamaha player Shack mentioned is sweet. It is the 920 model in the store I work at. Maybe you can find a demo model or something. I'm planning on getting one myself.
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    if i was going to get a single dvd player in the next year and it was not a changer it would be Philips DVD Q50 and i have seen it on line for around 300
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    Based on your suggested limitted budget (price range), I think Sony and Pioneer are your best bets, be-sure to get the models with progressive scan outputs and stay away from the changer models. Single player is better.
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    I agree, if you want to stay on that budget, I recommend you the Pioneer DV444 with progressive scan over Sony... :D
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