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I am in the market for a 27inch flat screen tv for my college room. This will go with my LSi15s, 9s, and LSiC, and HK 300. I've read around and seen many different opinions, but from what I have seen the 3 most recommended products are the Sony (KV-27FS13 - KV-27FV17 - KV-27FV300), Toshiba (27AF41 and 27AF42), and the Panasonic Tau 27SX??) From what I can tell the Sony models are the only ones with the 16:9 squeeze. I don't need PIP, and have not witnessed the effects of the 16:9 in person as the tv shops usually just a cable split a thousand times to their hundreds of tvs. My tv viewing is split between dvd (using component cables), and regular cable television. Any first hand experience or recomendations would be great, I need to buy before the end of August, and I want to make a good purchase if I am going to throw down 500-700 bucks.
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    i would look at the 27" panasonic tav it haves a better pic. than the sony 27" and cost less . go and compair the two.
    . rt-7 mains
    rt-20p surounds
    cs-400i front center
    cs-350 ls rear center
    2 energy take 5, efects
    2- psw-650 , subs
    1- 15" audiosource sub

    lets all go to the next ces.
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    I like the Sony picture better, Panasonic color tends to favor more green color, plus Sony TV last a lot longer...
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