PSW250 Hook-up

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I recently purchased the following speaker set-up: PSW250 sub, R20 Bookshelfs (left & right fronts), CSi30 Center Channel & RC60i in-ceiling (left & right surrounds); I also purchased the Onkyo TX-SR600 Receiver.

My question is this, since their is no LFE input on the sub, I have simply installed a cable fron the sub pre-out to the left sub input. Do I need a Y-splitter in this situation? Since I am not using the speaker outputs on the sub, which setting should I start with on the sub: low pass, volume & phase switch? Should I utlize the 80/100/120 low pass on the Onkyo?
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    I talked to a Velodyne(sub) guy, and he told me to get an RCA 'Y' splitter and to connect both right and left sub inputs. There were a few different reasons for doing this.

    Just a guess(try both or all settings) but I'd set my receiver's crossover to 100Hz's and run all speakers in a 'small' configuration.

    Low pass on the sub should be set to it's highest setting(does it really make a difference) to avoid any possibility of double filtering your signal. Does the sub offer the option of using it's internal crossover or going with a direct mode?

    Phase is pretty easy, at least on mine with only two options; switch it from one setting to the other to see whick one sounds right, you should know immediately which one that is.