How to bypass sub?


I have just finished installing my new Atrium 55 outdoor speakers on the "B" speaker output of my receiver. However, my sub and reveicer is connected pre-out to main-in via the high-pass filter in the sub (I have the old PSW300).

This means that my outdoor speakers are only getting the higher frequencies, and the sub has to be on for the filter to work, playing only the bass in the living room :-).

I am looking for an external bypass switch that I can use to bypass the sub when we are listening outside and not inside. I would prefer not to unplug RCA plugs every time I want to listen outside. Also, I do not want to use the speaker level inputs on the sub.

Any ideas?
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    Welcome to the forum. Can you simply set the sub to "off" on the receiver and send the full signal to the A/B mains? It didn't sound like you were using speaker level inputs..............

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