WTB Good sub cable

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Brands like Cobalt Cable, Signal Cables, Better Cables etc.

I need at least 12 foot.

TVs: LG B7 55" OLED, TCL 65R617 65", Pioneer Kuro PDP KRP-600M
Receiver: Marantz SR-8002 (den) and Yamaha RX-V475 (living room)
CD Player: Jolida JD 100A
SACD and DVD-A player: Oppo BDP-83
Mains: Polk RTi8 (den) and Dali Ikon 8 (living room)
Center: Polk CSi5 (den) and Polk CSi3 (living room)
Surrounds: Polk FXi5, Polk LSi7 (cherry)
Sub: SVS PCi 16-46 (den) and Polk PSW505 (living room)
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