Polk SDA 2''s for sale

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I have a pair of SDA 2's for sale for $325. I have owned them for less than a year but I replaced them with SDA SRS 2.3 TL's and no longer have room for them. I rebuilt the crossovers using Solen caps and replaced a questionable tweeter with an SL1000 Polk tweeter. I live in Hanover, PA just over the MD-PA line, due north from Baltimore. I can't ship these since I bought them used without boxes.
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    I'm tempted! I just bought a pair of these six weeks ago and they are great! I love mine! I don't know where I'd put another pair.

    I just replaced the tweeters in mine with the new silks. I'm interested in how the crossover upgrade was done. I haven't searced the Forum threads, I know there is a lot out there.

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