CSi40 and/or PSW450 For Sale

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I have a CSi40 and a PSW450 for sale. Interested? Make offer. Legit offers please. Thanks!
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    A. We don't make offers 'round here - state your asing price.

    2. You might want to introduce yourself, and provide some sort of public sales reference (ebay id / forums members you know, etc).

    D. Pictures, description of condition, original packing?
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    Sorry about that. My ebay id is also ifixnets and I have recently sold a pair of F/X 1000's to another member (P.Hunt) on this board for a very good price.

    For the CSi40 I was thinking $250-300
    For the PSW450 I was thinking $200

    Prices do not include shipping.
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    He is legit I thank him again for seperating them and helping me finish my system! And those are fair prices!
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    Oh yeah. I'll consider a trade for a HD Sat. receiver with HD DVR. Prefer Hughes HR10-250 with valid P5 card. Thanks.
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    For the CSi40 I was thinking $250-300
    And those are fair prices!


    Seems like I paid $249 for my CSi40 NIB from Crutchfield.

    Good luck with the sale.

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