Re-releases of DVD's

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I seriously hate when these movie studios release a DVD, only to re-release it again about 8-10 months later as a super-mega-ultra special edition.

This is getting annoying! They rush rush rush to get something into the stores so everyone can buy it up, then....oops...we have a remastered version here with a newer soundtrack and better video.

I went shopping for DVDs yesterday. I avoided all the newest releases. "The Others" will no doubt be re-released down the road since the international version has a DTS soundtrack onboard and the US version does not. "Harry Potter" you can bet will be done over. I've heard some mixed opinions about the video quality.

Atleast the people that did "Lord of the Rings" have already told us that 2 DVD versions will be coming out. One in August to satisfy diehard fans that can't possibly wait another minute and a Directors Cut of the movie in November to satisfy those who want it all.

No excuses!
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