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Kansas, Toto, Styx. 3 reasons why punk, despite its faults, was a necessary and great thing. Rock 'n roll is an attitude as much as as an art form, and when rock starts having operas and starts being described as art with an upper case "A", you know another bunch of young, crazy **** 'n **** w/bad attitudes needs to come along & shock their elders, the elders in this case being the rock establishment. Of course, all things must pass, & eventually punk was just another part of the PBS history of rock. Now I guess I'll have to tell 'em that I got no cerebellum.
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    Ahh Ahh Ahh, Ahh ah ah ah

    I wanna be se-dated.......

    Check your lips at the door woman. Shake your hips like battleships. Yeah, all the white girls trip when I sing at Sunday service.
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    Well, wait a sec. KANSAS was a rockin band, man. Listen to TWO FOR THE SHOW before you call them wimpy.

    But yeah, I'm glad I've gotten to see The Ramones a couple of times. Always fun. Always a rockin time.

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    I really shouldn't bash other people's tastes. After all, I liked the first two Toxic Avenger movies. Well, at least I liked 'em once. Don't know if I'd wanna see 'em again. Anyway, to me, the early Ramones, Clash, etc were a wonderful change of pace from the stuff dominating the airwaves & the big arenas back then. I would hear 10-minute guitar solos & wonder why I was falling asleep while Rolling Stone said that the guitarist in question was a "genius". The best punk bands were led by folks who probably couldn't spell genius, which was fine by me. They provided something primal that had been squeezed out of the carefully engineered studio bands.
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