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What is it with these artists that put out concert DVD's? I don't mind the trailer having the artist speaking, but the interviews between the songs really suck. For example, love "2 Against Nature" but hated the Fagan\Becker banter after the 2nd viewing. I just picked up the latest Bela Fleck and here we go with that useless interview crap. Don't get me wrong. I think that stuff could be in a very interesting "extra features" section, but let the music play.
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    Or stick it at the end
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    I just pick up the Distured DVD. Very strong LFE's. Some good rear effects. Option between concert and concert with artist talking between. This DVD makes you want to quite your job and become a modern day rock star. If your into it anyway. Simple guys, simple dream - muti-platium. Living the life. As long as it last. Oh and actually enjoy it, but wouldnt.:cool:
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    That's the way they all should be. A choice between whether you want to hear the artist talk or not. I just might try that Disturbed DVD. I like the CD, just hope the live sound is as good as the studio.
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