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hello all!
? for anyone w/a 36" monitor and a monster!-(cs400i) center.
over the last few mos. I have slowly built my ht setup-a new toshiba 36hfx71/rt800i's/cs400i/rt25i's/outlaw 1050/jvc prog. scan. etc.etc.-
sounds and looks great! I know most here have rp monitors,but for the ones like john,myself and others w/a 36" dv-who put their "monster" directly on top-
have u had any problems with the weight,or sagging of the monitor top?
I did get a piece of 3/8" thick glass,to distribute the weight evenly across the top of the set--37 1/2"w by 11" deep
and it's been up there for apx. 1 mo. w/no problems
(rubber feet under the 400 and very thin rubber feet at the 4 corners of the glass)
the wife (and myself) have been a little concerned about the weight on the mon.and the wooden sauder stand that supports it all.
along w/our 2 hounds rippin' around the house! (white hair all over the bottom grilles of the 800's:rolleyes:
all I ask is that u make us feel more confident w/this weight and setup.--

I thank u all in advance for your time and responses-
a lot of the toys I now own,are suggs. from this forum!--u are all very helpful! CHEERS! jefff
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    i dont have the 400 but do have the 350ls and noticed that when i set the speaker directly on top of the tv (sony 36"xbr) that the picture tube would vibrate and send funny lines down the center.. so i put up a shelf for the speaker right behind and at the same level as the top of the tv..
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    thx!-anybody else w/a 36" monitor and a 400i (or something close to this weight+the weight of the glass?)
    CHEERS! jefff
    Art as expression-Not as market campaigns-Will still capture our imaginations.
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    i had a 27 inch befor i got my rptv i had my 400 in top of it till i bult a shelf for it to sit on i had no problems now i have it on top of my monster of a tv
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    I'm setting myself up to get ripped on this one, but here goes.

    I actually have a CS 1000p sitting on top of my 32" Toshiba TV. I utilized quite a few of the large polk rubber feet to displace the weight evenly and to make sure it didn't flip off of the back. I have noticed no problems at all with my TV.

    Your setup seems more than adequate.

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    :D Thanx Brent!
    it's just that the tv manual says not to put anything heavy on top,
    but I have seen pictures of the 400i on top of other 36" monitors
    (like john d's - etc.) but never a 1000 on a 32" :eek: :lol:
    and was just wondering if anyone ever encountered any problems?

    CHEERS! jefff
    Art as expression-Not as market campaigns-Will still capture our imaginations.
  • Ron-PRon-P Spaceman Spiff Posts: 8,511
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    I actually have a CS 1000p sitting on top of my 32" Toshiba TV.
    I'd like to see a picture of that. :)

    Peace Out~:D
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    Whooaa! That is too funny. Kind of like a Lamborghini V12 engine set in a Yugo. :lol: My cs400i looks too small next to my screen. HEEE! HEEE!:p
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