Im really bored so I was wondering...

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What color of speakers do yall have? Cherry, Maple or Black or other colors...I have black but I really wish i got cherry...looks so much
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  • joe logston
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    got black, and im getting sick of black
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  • GZ
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    Black, mainly 'cause IMO they looked better with the black 400i. If they made centers in cherry then I would've gotten the cherry all around, I think it's polks best looking finish.
  • juice21
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    matches the center, and they dissapear when the lights are low...
  • cookaa
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    Black is the way to go,
    If you get cherry it limits you to matching that color if you have any wood furniture in the same room, if it doesn't match it looks tacky. Black will go with anything, it is the versatile choice. The cherry may look nicer, but black is more flexible, and hell, I haven't heard anything yet relating color to sound :confused:
  • mantis
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    I got black..sick of black as well.A cherry center would be least as an opnion.....
    My next line of speakers will be natural cherry.
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  • Wesmo
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    I too, have been wishing lately that they made a cherry center, since the black is a little bland. It seems that everything in my room is black except the walls, and some natural wood would brighten it up some.
  • begbie
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    I would have chosen the cherry but the color and style of the rti speaker wasn't what I expected.
    It was all black on the front and cherry on the sides which I thought looked a little odd (it's still black as you look front on) I was hoping a deeper rich color to the cherry as well.
    Now Polk has improved the look of the new rt series and the lsi's. Just wish they improved their cherry finish and have other color finishes like some European speakers.
    Anyway I chose the black. I didn't want to build my whole living room around a pair of speakers(color), I didn't like.
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  • pjriccio
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    Back in Black! I wish that they offered there speakers in a Black Laquar Finish.
  • rskarvan
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    Black is definitely the safest choice.
    I wish my 3.1TL's were black rather than light oak.
    They have lots of black cloth though... so, its close.

    What is with that cheesy vinyl on the CS400i anyway?
    Its such a great sounding center - too bad it couldn't look
    as fine as it sounds.

    Here was my pet peeve. I ordered a set of FX500i's (a year ago) from circuit city. The website showed real wood veneer. I saw a demo model at Ovation and it was black wood veneer. I got mine at home and it was the same cheesy looking vinyl as on the CS400i. I fixed this problem though. I traded up at CC and for an extra $100 I ended up with RT800i's for rear surrounds - which, btw, sound much, much better.

    Black is best - no doubt. But, vinyl is always crap.
  • kanicker
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    Gut-less freaks! A true zealot would go M A P L E !!!

    Why do you think they dont make the maple veneer anymore... it was obviously costing them too much money, and they weren't able to sell enough cherry and black.

    And as everyone knows... maple is the color that matching most every living room design scheme. It's too bad maple didnt make the cut in Polks new "cost-efficient" price points.

    Go MAPLE!

  • Frank Z
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    Black, they disappear when the lights go down and the show starts.
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