For Sale CS1 Center Channel

Devo220Devo220 Posts: 32
I just got a killer deal on a CSi40 at CC so I am selling my CS1 that I have only used about three times. It is only a month old and is perfect. I'll take $100.00 + shipping I paid $200.00 only a month ago.
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  • paul devinopaul devino Posts: 1
    edited March 2005
    Just wondering two things:

    Is the CS1 compatible with the older Polk Monitor 7?
    What is the approximate rate for shipping?

  • AsSiMiLaTeDAsSiMiLaTeD Posts: 11,717
    edited March 2005
    The CS1 is a new model offered by Polk, so I doubt it'll be voice-matched to go with your fact I can almost guarantee that it isn't.

    That doesn't mean it will sound bad, just keep in mind they're not timbre-matched...that bothers some people, doesn't bother others too much.
  • hexumjunkiehexumjunkie Posts: 191
    edited March 2005
    its a nice piece i have 3 of them...onefor my center and my 2 rears...i get them for 89.00 a piece at hhgregg
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