T2, U571 and D-VHS

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    d-vhs can eat my a......
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    I'm sure we will see the movies retail in the $25-$30 range, once BB and CC get a hold of'em. It's the players that need to come down. At 3k it's there too expensive. This D-VHS is going to be an enthusists medium, kinda like DVD once was. I have a strong feeling that D-VHS will stay this way and we will soon see HD-DVD within the next few years. If we do not, I might buy in to D-VHS just so I can see my movies in 1080i.

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    bring on the blue-lasers :)
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    but if dvd goes high def will they change the format of the dvd like when the came with the dual layered dvd what i mean is will the clarity of the curent dvd be less than the new ones like will my curent ones olny look half as good as new ones?
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