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Hello I am gonna be using the Polk FX/300I with my Denon 3801 will it be ok?The speakers are rated at 100 watts and the receiver is 105 watts thanks.h
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    Yes, this will be OK. The thing to remember is that most of the time when we do damage to a speaker is when the amp is clipping or distorting. I'm not saying to do this, but you probably could run 175 watts of "clean" power thru them without damage and you could destroy them with 50 watt of high distorted power. The 105 watt IMO will not be a problem if you follow the golden rule? "no clipping" :cool:
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    Many around here will swear by Denon. And of course we all agree on Polks. They should go great together.

    I fully agree with nascarman. I blew a 175w spkr on a 110w rcvr. After repairing, I now CRANK them on a 120w rcvr. I don't think you'll need to worry.

    What fronts are you running?
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    thanks the fronts are RT800I and 400 center thanks
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    I know the 400 has the Tri-lam tweeter, do the 800's? If so, you might want to upgrade to the f/x500s with the Tri-lam. The f/x300s have the black soft dome and they cut off at 22kHz where the rest of your speakers are 26kHz, it does make a difference.

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    I agree with the man and his "Green Room". I had the f/x300's with the CS400 and RT1000i's. Upgraded to the f/x500's to match the speakers all around.

    Also, if you can get an SPL meter, that will certainly help you match your speakers as well.


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