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Looking to spend around $50 for a phono preamp. No one around me seems to sell these. Thanks
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    Not much at that price that isn't junk... even used.

    One decent one for around $50 is the Shure M64.

    The M64 doesn't have the adjustablility of something along the lines of an Audio Alchemy VITB, but it'll handle most any MM cartridge, apply the RIAA equalization needed, and do a nice job of it.

    One pops up on ebay every once in a while.

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    Now that NAD has a PP2 you can get the PP1 at pretty decent prices. The PP2 is around $129 so I would think you might be able to find a PP1 for between $75-$85 iif you shop around awhile. A little more than you wanted to spend but they're supposed to be very good. Audiogon and Ebay has them quite often. Here's one on Ebay that ends shortly.
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