Rm 7500 Sats

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My 5 channel amp is rated at 90 watts rms per ch.. Seems to me that an error on my part can blow the tweeters on the sats and center channel of my RM7500 system. A long time ago when I owned AR 3ax's, I wired in a slow blow fuse to each speaker. Is this an old practice no longer in favor? Does Polk have a recommended fuse for the RM7500? I am moving and will finally be able to "open them up" but I worry that all I will get is one loud pop, after I try to see how loud it has to be, to drown out my wifes' objections. Thanks for your help.


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    90 watts of "clean" power will not hurt them. When you start clipping the amp, that's when you can have a problem.
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