EX365's need amp?

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Well I know practically nothing about audio. I installed 4 EX 365's, 2 in front doors and 2 in rear doors, and a Pioneer 3300 HU in a 99' Durango. Right now the Pioneer is powering the EX365's. I am really not looking to wake up the neighborhood with my stereo, just trying to get the clearest and best sound out of these Polk's. What I want to know is if an amp would make any difference in the Polk's sound quality or clarity. Especially at lower volumes?
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    I would suggest looking for a 4 channel amp with a power rating of 50 to 100 Watts per channel. I would recommend auditioning amplifiers from Alpine such as the MRV-F407, MTX, Eclipse, Kenwood's Excelon series, Kicker's ZR series, and Zapco.

    These speaker are very efficient and will not require a lot of power to play them at moderate listening levels. To increase the resolution of the system, you might want to add a sub and crossover the 4 speakers and subwoofer at 80 to 90 Hertz.
    This will increase the dynamic range of the system and help to clean up the midrange and higher frequencies at higher volume levels.

    Happy Amp Hunting!!
    Kim, Polk Audio
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    Thanx Kim. OK so if I get a sub, Polk of course, which one would be a good choice for me. Taking into account I am no blaster. Would I be able to mount it in the back side panel of my Durango and still maintain good sound. Or would I need to build an enclosure.
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