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My cousin recently bought me two 10" Momo subs and he gave me an amp to go with them (as well as building the box for me). I'm not sure how to wire the speakers to the amp or if the amp is even enough for the two subs.

Here is the information that is on the back of the amp:
80 Watts RMS/CH into 4 Ohms @ .05% THD 20-20,000Hz
160 Watts RMS/CH into 2 Ohms @ .1% THD 20-20,000Hz
320 Watts RMS Bridged into 4 Ohms @ .1 THD 20-20,000Hz
425 Watts Dynamic Power (IHF-202) Bridged into 4 Ohms
Note: RMS Power Ratings @12.5 VDC Input

The Amp has right speaker positive terminal, right speaker negative terminal, left speaker negative terminal and right speaker positive and left speaker positive.

Someone told me that I should connect the left(+) to the speakers positive and right(-) to speakers negative. If I do it this way, does that mean there's 425 Watts total or 320 Watts total(divided by 2 for each individual sub).

I'm pretty new to car audio. The cousin that gave them to me has 4 10's in his truck and they are incredibly loud (too loud for me), so its not a big deal that I'm not gonna have the ability to play them at full power (or is it?).

Thanx for any and all help
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    Check the amplifier specifications to see if it will drive a 2 Ohm
    mono load. The power rating in the 2 channel mode is too low
    to sufficiently drive these woofers to their full potential.
    Let us know and we will be glad to help.

    Kim, Polk Audio
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    Boooo!!!! Don't use crapTX(mtx) bridged into 2ohms. It will melt down. AS far as I know, their amps are only 4ohm stable bridged, 4 and 2 ohm stable stereo. Hey, ask your cuz to hook it up for ya. He gave you the stuff and built the box, he should know how to hook everything up for ya. You COULD run the MTX amp in 2ohm for ABOUT 45min. or so, but if its like mine, it won't turn on no more........

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    Oh yeah, the only crapTX amps stabel at 2 ohms is/are the mono block class D. thats class D, not dgital. From what I hear, these class D amps are underrated, like the 500d, says it does 500 [email protected], but actually does like 650 or so(from what I hear).

    There, I think I got it all this time.....
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