Lsi15's on the way, Lsi15 VS SDA 2.3tl's, old VS New

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I just ordered my Lsi 15's today, should be here sometime this week. All of my main equipment is in California (will be moving it back to Colorado sometime in May.) I'm looking forward to doing a direct comparison between the old high end and the new high end. My equipment consists of Parasound AVC2500U Pre/Pro and HCA-2205-AT @220 watts X5 and an Adcom 5802 @300 watts X2.
I'll take lot's of pics and give an honest review. Looking forward to getting the new goods.

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    Looking forward to hearing your review, please post it when you're ready.
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    I've had my LSI9s for about two weeks now and the LSI15s for 3 days (in that, about 15 hrs of listening), along with the center. Previously, I had the RT2000I/CS400I/rt35I setup. I was never really happy with the 2000s, not that they were bad speakers (infact they were great), I just grew out of the powered towers sound after listening for a while.

    Here are my thoughts on the LSI series... I think that they addressed a lot of the concearn I had with my old RT line, in particular the bass and the mid-range. My RT2000 had nice bass but it was a bit boomy at times. LSIs bass: very clean and defined. Very smooth mid-range. They voices jump out at you, without the mild grain I experienced with my old speakers. I'm not too critical of a listener, but I have some idea of what sounds good to me, and I like these new Polks. If your contemplating between the LSI9s and the 15s, here's what I learned based on my system:

    The LSI9s image very well and has suffice bass on its own. However, if you are upgrading from some towers, you will go through a bass withdrawl. If you are running a receiver, these would be a good match with a sub.

    If you choose the LSI15s, I would recommend these bi-amped. I tried going straight from my amp with the jumpers on, and I swear the 9s sounded better (though less bass). Lucky for me, I have two Denon amps, and when I bi-amped them, they sounded truly remarkable. They truly opened up. I'm still getting familiar with the 15s, as they are still being broken in, but I'm impressed with these speakers. FYI, the rest of my system consist of Denon 4800, pair of power amps, Toshiba 9200 and Velo 15" sub.
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