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SDA 1's for sale. Nearly mint condition. Cabinet flawless & sound great! Purchased new in early 80's. Hate parting with these speakers...but space is limited in my new home. Anyone in the Philie area interested? Would prefer to have the speakers picked up by purchaser cause they are way too much to pack. Sorry...original boxes not available. Best offer!
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    I'm going borrow this from Paul as he wrote it so well.

    "Hi and welcome to Club Polk. Since this is your first post and no one knows anything about you, it would be best to:

    1) Try to post pictures of the gear that you want to sell (pictures help sell stuff even among long time regular members here).

    2) Declare an asking price for the equipment you have. The members of Club Polk do not try to outbid each other. Once you name your price, first come first served.

    3) Provide an ebay or audiogon alias that you can use to establish some feedback history since you are a new member.

    These aren't any strict rules or anything but if you want to sell your gear and have people somewhat comfortable with you then these are some guidelines to start off with.

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    Hello, never saw anyone from Philly abbreviate it the way you do. You dont drive a white van do you?
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    E-mailed the guy for pics and answers to a few questions.

    NO response.
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