1 Pair ea Polk Audio 10 A's & Kliptch Forte's, Carver M1.0 amp & C-1 Pre Amp 4 Sale

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I have read in these forums that some of you would like to get your hands on a Pair of Polk Audio Studio 10's. It just so happens that I will be putting them on e-bay with the Carver stuff in the near future, but I thought I would give the hard core audiophiles that know what they are to have the first shot. I don't think that I should have to explain the specs or say how good these things sound as it seems that alot of you have either heard or had them before.

I am the original owner and have kept the equipment in excellent shape. I still have the sales documentation for all of it. The manuals and the boxes for the Carver stuff and may have the manuals for the speakers but no boxes for them now.

I would be willing to part with the speakers seperately from the amp and pre amp as well.

The Polk Audio 10 Studio Monitorss have stands included and still sound great. No damage to the drivers except 1 tweeter that was replaced about 6 years ago with a polk replacement.

I also have a pair of Kliptch Forte's in the same kind of condition that I would be willing to sell if the price is right.

I am not going to make any price suggestions (I bought it all new so I know what it cost me then and dont plan on giving it away but I am not trying to rip anyone off either. Fair market value is cool and can be negotiable) so if someone wants to make me a reasonable offer for any or all of this stuff I will get back to them as soon as I can with more details and some pics to show condition. I am not selling them because I need the money I just don't use them anymore and they just sit in a closet taking up space, except the Kliptch which are hooked into the home theater.

The Carver C-1 Sonic Halography Pre amp is (I think) the first or one of the first to use three dimentional sound by means of sound delay to the drivers.It has seperate Bass and Treble for each channel and ins and outs for just about anything you could want to hook up to it.

The Carver M1.0 is 1000 watts of clean unadulterated cone bending muscle , but it cant keep up with my PM1.5 so I dont use it anymore either.

If you are interested drop me a line. I live in Phoenix AZ. if it makes a difference to some of you for shipping etc. These will probably go on E-Bay after next weekend so get back soon. You can E-Mail me at [email protected] if you would like. Thanks Scott
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    Hi and welcome to Club Polk. Since this is your first post and no one knows anything about you, it would be best to:

    1) Try to post pictures of the gear that you want to sell (pictures help sell stuff even among long time regular members here).

    2) Declare an asking price for the equipment you have. The members of Club Polk do not try to outbid each other. Once you name your price, first come first served.

    3) Provide an ebay or audiogon alias that you can use to establish some feedback history since you are a new member.

    These aren't any strict rules or anything but if you want to sell your gear and have people somewhat comfortable with you then these are some guidelines to start off with.

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    Nice Paul! At least some people can treat new members kindly.
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    Putting a price with what you're wanting to sell is a DEFINITE must.

    For anyone looking to purchase some of this stuff, if you'd like me to inspect anything I'd be willing to do so. (I will be out of town Tues-Thurs).
    comment comment comment comment. bitchy.
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