So I have a psw10 as my sole sub, it was fine, nice and punchy bass, i recently upgraded my speaker wires all around to 12 gauge copper, i used to run the speaker through the speaker inputs, i got a speaker plug for it instead and no longer do that. I bought a Klipsch rp450c center and 2 rp280 f towers, i moved my 10 year old infinity towers to the back surrounds. Now evrything is great, if i completely turn the sub off as it struggles so bad to handle what it used to easily. I have the same Denon reciever i have had for about 8 years. It was an upgrade needed to be able to have a 4k signal. I welcome any suggestions, the 2 towers have 2 8 inch woofers each so they put out a decent bass, but i miss my little punchy psw10 coming through with the rest of the bang, explosion or whatever.


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    Those Klipsch tower speakers are 98dB efficient, meaning they can get really loud with much less power than most speakers. Also, the -3dB level goes down to 32 Hz meaning they put out excellent bass by themselves. The -3dB level of the PSW10 is only 40 Hz meaning it's not capable of outputting bass to keep up with your new speakers. The PSW10 was a budget product. It performed well for what it was but it's pretty limited.

    Time to look for a new subwoofer! :)

    Klipsch makes better performing subwoofers than Polk plus your new speakers are Klipsch. You may want to get a Klipsch subwoofer or look into some other brand like SVS. You'll need to spend a few hundred bucks to get something that'll match better with your main speakers.

    Another option, which I would not recommend pursuing, is running the speakers as "small" and directing all the bass to the PSW10 for home theater sounds.
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    You also need to run the AVR calibration program any time you change anything.
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    Time for an SVS. Even the cheapest SVS will blow your mind if you liked the Polk.
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    If you are mostly a home theater user get a ported design

    As mentioned you must re-calibrate especially if you are coming from bookshelf or stand speakers
    ...and an SVS would definitely be an upgrade
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