Help. OMNI SB1 plus remote won’t work

Remote control for OMNI SB1 plus soundbar stopped working. Replaced battery and then it would turn volume up but not down then stopped working completely


  • Hello,
    It would be best to telephone Polk at: 1-800-377-7655 select option 1 for customer service.
  • I'm setting up the Omni sb2+ system and the factory remote doesn't work. The help line won't return my call. Thinking of returning everything to Best Buy and getting a cheaper Vizio system. At least their customer service is better. Anny suggestions?
  • Hello,
    I'll ask a friend at Polk to contact you via email.
  • Was a solution ever found for this. SB1 stopped responding to both my remotes as well. Customer service said to do the hard reset, which didn't work and seemed t make it worse actually. Previously it would respond at least slowly now not at all. I told customer service this and they said to program my tv remote to control volume. To me that is an unacceptable answer. The problem is with the SB1 so the fix shouldn't be to use my TV remote. I should be able to control all functions with the remote it came with. Anyways any suggestions would be great.
  • Eep
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    Hard reset is annoying because the sound bar loses any programmed remote codes. The sound bar also loses wifi connection too easily.
  • Mine quit working too. I did a reset to Wifi and it still doesn't work. Not impressed as I had to buy a new Polk sound bar because the last one crapped out and it was just out of the warranty period. I should have bought Sonos
  • Toolfan66
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    I just purchased a new remote from Amazon when mine started giving out, works perfect..