Polarity of Midwest Peerless Replacement Tweeter

As I understand it, Polk uses black wire for "+", which on all models (except RTA12) is connected to the Peerless tweeter terminal with the RED washer. The Polk white wire goes to the Peerless terminal that has black washer.

I'm working on a budget repair of a Polk 7A for a friend. One of the Peerless tweets is bad, and he wants to replace it with the Midwest 4115-8 Peerless copy that he has on hand, to keep it running.

The Midwest tweeter has no polarity marks, and red terminal washer is on OPPOSITE side, compared to the real Peerless. Is red also for "+" on the Midwest? Or should I hookup so it is physically same as orig Peerless?

I went to Midwest website, but found nothing about polarity. I've read about using a 1.5v battery to check polarity of tweeter, but sounds risky and I'd like to avoid it. Does anyone know polarity of the Midwest copy? Thanks!


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    Contact Midwest?
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    I wouldn't be afraid to momentarily apply a AAA battery to it to check out that the dome moves outward when polarity is correct, ie. positive to positive, negative to negative. I was a little nervous but I've done it to true Peerless tweeters with no issues. Just put a little piece of white tissue paper on the dome to make the tiny movement more noticeable and you only have to do it once. Use a couple of jumper leads with alligator clips at each end.
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    Contact Midwest?

    Yes, great idea! I did email Midwest, in parallel with my query on this forum. Got a response from them today stating that "their" red terminal corresponds to Polk's red terminal, which would mean the wire connections will be physically on OPPOSITE sides from the Polk terminals.

    That's the direction was leaning towards, but on the other hand I couldn't understand why it would be "opposite" of the Peerless polarity, if it was copied from the Peerless. That's why I was hoping for feedback from someone that had used them before.
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    Turn it upside down it'll then be right side up....
    You're welcome