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1# i just got a pair of momo 465 they are mounted in my door into some baffles they sound as they are going to pop i was wondering should i take the baffle out or leave them in. Im pushing it with a 70 watts rms amp at 80hz

2#i also got a pair of DX9 and they sound like they are going to pop i was wondering if the EX series sound better with hip hop music or better power handling

Thanks You
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    What do you mean by baffles? Are they plastic, wood, something else? How thick are they? That power and crossover point should work out well, but if you've just installed them give them a little bit of time. When you hear it start to pop, back down the volume a little bit. As they break in they'll handle it without a problem and you can turn it up louder. Do you have the loud function on? Where's the bass setting on your head unit or EQ? These things can contribute to the popping you're hearing.

    What are the DX9s being powered with- another amp or head unit power?
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