PSW125 Knocking and Horrible Customer Service

So recently my PSW125 started making thumps and knocks, even with the receiver being off. I contacted Best Buy and Polk's customer service. I was given several options to try and resolve the issue, however, none worked. We tried plugging in the sub in a different room, using a ground isolator, unplugging the audio cables and playing around with the settings on the receiver. Alas, nothing could get it resolved.

I contacted Polk's technical support and was transfered to another sales line where the gentlemen there was extremely rude. I asked why I should purchase an amp (along with shipping he quoted me $175 USD), and he got surprisingly irate. Not quite sure what set him off. I asked if it was worth purchasing the part if the sub itself has been discontinued. I mentioned others had the same issue I was having, to which he replied any sub from any manufacturer will have the same issue in 5 years. Now, having owned subs and audio equipment in other cities I know that subs don't usually have a set 'shelf life'. I use the sub maybe 3 times a week to watch movies and play music. It's been paired with the RTI A7's, the CSI A6's and the FSI A6's. The remaining speakers work perfectly.

Does anyone here know of a way to diagnose the amp to see if there's something else that may be causing the issue? Does the entire board need to be replaced?

After the customer service experience I just had I'm not entirely sure I want another Polk sub, or Polk speakers for that matter. Very disappointed in the way the situation was dealt with by Polk. Best Buy was so much more helpful in that regard.



  • gudnoyezgudnoyez Posts: 7,603
    I wouldn't spend $175 on a sub that is $250 new, if it is no longer under warranty consider it a loss and look for a better sub.
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    Wack a mole anyone???
  • Same issue with mine. Looks like they just produced a trash product. I won't purchase another Polk item.
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    I bet you say that to all the guys.
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