rta 8t

I bought a pair of rta 8ts for 75 dollars he swith the tweeters to the 2500 but he gave me the old set the 2000.Here is the strange thing the 2500 fit perfect when I put back the 2000 they did not fit they where a tiny bit too to wide and the postive conection is to big I check in the back they are lable the 8t and not the 8tl they sound pretty good with the 2500 the speakers were made in 1988 . Whats going on here does anybody know


  • The 8Ts came with the SL2000 tweeter, the TL designation would indicate a move up to the trilaminate tweeters. Pictures of stock show what looks like an SL3000 but with a foam ring which points to the correct tweeter for the 8TL being the SL2500.

    Best way to tell which speakers you have is to pull the crossovers and look for labels.
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  • I did pull out the crossovers and they look like 8ts . still can,t understand why the 2000s do not fit right I was thinking of ording the rdo194 since there supposed to be a upgrade for the 2000s but I dont know if there going to fit right
  • since the 2500 sound pretty good in it at least with vinyl thats what i play on them .I am going to wait 4 months up date the crossovers and put rdo198s in them
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