"Auto On" or "On" for Subwoofers?

So my question is simple, do you typically run you subwoofers with the power setting in the "Auto On" or "On" position? Depending on your settings, why do you run them in this position? All mine are currently in the "On" position due to the fact that I don't want the movie to go from being quite for a period of time and take the chance of missing a explosion or gun fire that kicks in. My concern is, am I putting more ware on the amplifier by leaving them on all the time or would it be more harmful to the amplifier shutting off and on? Thanks in advance?
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    I use auto on and don't have any issues... I think they take like 25 minutes of inactivity to shut them off. Might depend on the manufacturer and the signal level being received... If there is a trigger option you may want to consider that as well.

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    Always on
    I don’t think you will wear them out any sooner by doing that, everything about electricity says that on/off cycles are harder on circuits than always on.
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    Auto on for me since I don't turn the full system on all that often. It won't hurt anything to leave them on other than using unnecessary electricity.

    When watching a Blu Ray, sometimes there may be a delay with the subwoofers turning on if the disc's menu sound is not 5.1 encoded. That can be a little annoying depending on what the movie's intro sound is like.
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    I've never experienced a delay with HSU or SVS subs using auto on. cheaper subs yes...
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    Auto on works fine on must subs. Probably not needed though since Class D amps won't draw much energy with no sound.
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