Acoustic Control Corp 626 -any info out there?



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    Would you like to buy a paragraph?

    If they are being sold by word count, that one would be out of my price range.
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    I believe it's the hallmark of a classical education -- ever see any classical Latin inscriptions?

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    I believe it's the hallmark of a classical education -- ever see any classical Latin inscriptions?
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    mhardy6647 wrote: »
    I believe it's the hallmark of a classical education -- ever see any classical Latin inscriptions?

    Fixed that for yov.

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    Not to hijack this fine thread. Oh how I miss my Acoustics. I bought 2 pair of the biggest models they offered at the time - 1979. They were designed to compete againist the Klipsch Horns. I got them for just about cost for about $1400 cash for the 2 pr. Two of them were “floor models” and the other two were shipped. I don’t remember the model number and have yet to find them or any pic on the web. I went in with a buddy and bought 2 of a bunch of gear on the same bill to get “the deal”. The model I hade came with 2 15s, where one woofer was down-firing via a riser that was created in production by enlongating each side except the front. So, that created sort of it’s own natural port... as well as had the same round port out the bottom baffle. The face of mine were laid out very similar to these 626s. The finish was exactly as you revealed. Full on Retro. The grills were designed like these on your 12s. Mine were quite bigger and square. I loved them and my neighbors as hated them. The only issue I had was driving them with the Phase Linear 400 amps that I also bought at the same time. At 18 yrs old I was mystified by both the amount of bass output to go along with the hypnotic PL radar red sku meter dots bouncing across the linear display. I do recall having to press the tweet reset button after either listening to Zep or PFloyd vinyl pettty hard. One of the sweetest sounding tunes I tested at the time on this setup was “On Broadway” by George Benson. Somewhere in the Souteast of the county, someone may still have mine. Or they are being used as make-shift dining room furniture by now. I had to let them go when I got a job promotion and moved from Houston to Austin and they were just too massive to have in a small apartment. Since I owed one my best friends some cash, I gave them to him. We still talked every now and t said Ide come buy them back. By now I’ve built several speakers that easily compete in sound, but won’t come close in eye candy. Should you still need tweeters, I have a pair or round EMITs I pulled out of some insurance claimed Kappas, that would probably kick over Panos or RShacks Thanks for sharing this rehab and throwback.

    Maybe they were the 648 ?


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    Just registered due to picking up a a pair of the 626 last night for a whopping 14.95 at the local Goodwill. Prepped and waiting for some parts.

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    I have a set with original drivers. I need to do a recap for sure. I made some stainless rings for the tweeter and woofer with a waterjet. Love the way they look!!
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    Wonder how they sound compared to JBL L100s.
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    Older ones obviously. Looks like an easy mod to rid the port chuffing from the older boxes.
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    The new ones are actually supposed to sound good.

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    Yes, I would like to hear a set. At someone else's $4k investment however.
  • I commented elsewhere about Acoustic Controls having an office on Lankershim Blvd north of Sherman Way where I bought my 626s in 1973. It was not a store open to the public. It was an office with what looked a QA lab.

    Their main manufacturing was in Van Nuys near the airport. I don’t know what the Lankershim office was all about. I only know that’s where I got my 626s. I still have the original boxes.

    I just found a pair of Acoustic Controls 648 speakers in amazing condition … this is the top of the line home speaker they made. I FINALLY have a complete quadraphonic system with four Acoustic Controls speakers… 626s in the front and those 114 lb. 648 beasts in the rear.

    Those speakers, driven by a Marantz 4400 with a Garrard 100c Zero tracking turntable, make a great set. I’ve got a SQA-1 and a SQA-2 decoder and two RC-4 remotes for the Marantz.

    I bought the Marantz, the Garrard and the 626s new in the early 70s.

    I’ve got the original ads for all this cut from the actual 70s magazines framed and on the wall in my entertainment room.

    It’s only taken 46 years to get this all together… loving the music and the memories.

    I haven’t had any problems with the neighbors to date but these 648s may change all that!

    Be interested to know what the value of this package might be … not that I’d ever sell it… but my kids might at some point.
  • I know this post is old but in case anyone is interested, there is an original Eminance woofer for a model 626 on Ebay right now.
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