DSW Pro 550wi Won't Stay On???

Can anyone tell me what I need to do to get my sub to work? I have a DSW Pro 550wi (I have it wired via LFE) that was working great, but it stopped working a while back and I can't figure it out. It has power and when I switch the standby/auto/on switch to on it will come on for just a few, but then goes right off. The power light shows that it has power, but it won't stay active with the blue light on the front. I can get it to work if I run my speaker set-up right away after switching it on, but then it goes right back off. I had it on Auto and it was kicking on fine when a signal was sent, but now it won't even do that.

Can anyone tell me what is wrong and what I need to do to fix it. I was thinking it might be my receiver or cable, but the fact that it goes off so fast tells me it has something to do with the sub.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    What does your auto-cal have the sub gain set at? That will be the dB number.
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    If I'm understanding you right it is set at 80hz, which is the recommended setting according to my manuals. I really don't think that is the problem as that is what it was set as when I first set-up the system. I think something is wrong with the sub as it will turn on and then within a 30 seconds to a minute it will go off. The green LED light on the back immediately goes to red. According to the manual, when it is set to ON it should be green, which it will be, but then it goes red in under a minute. Something is putting it into protection mode almost immediately (red light). From everything I have red, it should stay green when set to on for a time at least and it isn't. That in my mind would remove any auto-cal settings issues causing this problem.

    Any other thoughts I am open too. Thanks for the help!

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    Start with removing the cable. Set sub to on. If it stays on, connect your sub using your line level connections. You'll have to turn life off. Then try in auto mode. Trying to figure out what is causing issue
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    Ok, I turned the sub off, unplugged the LFE cable, moved the switch to on and then powered it back on. It kicked on and then within 20 seconds went right back off and the red light kicked back on. It just won't stay on. I did read something in the manual that said if the red light is on, unplug it for 15 minutes. So I have unplugged it and will let it sit for 20 minutes or so and see if that does anything. I will let you know if that works. In the meantime, if you have any other thoughts I'm open to them.

    I also read somewhere else that it could be a blown capacitor. Do you know anything about that?
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    Looks like the problem is with the sub. I would contact Polk cs.
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    Well, I tried unplugging for a 1/2 hour and it still didn't fix the issue, so I guess I will call Polk Customer Service on Monday to see what they say.

    Thanks for your input and trying to help me trouble shoot.
  • 4WardMotion, I have the same exact issue. Were you ever able to find a resolution to this?
  • drselectdrselect Posts: 667
    Calapity, welcome to club polk. Sorry to here about your trouble with your sub. Just to hopefully help this is an older post and it does not look like 4wardmotion has been on the site since march. I see you started another thred which is good. Hopefully someone will chime in if not I would call polk customer service. Again welcome.
  • Thanks drselect. Love my polk, hate this issue.
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    Hi thread. I am having the same issue with my 661wi. Worked like a charm for 3 years and now suddenly goes into redlight protection mode after 3-4 seconds of being "on". Did anyone solve this issue? Connected LFE to DENON pre out SW.
  • Hi, I have PSW pro 500 and exactly the same issue. Has anyone resolved the problem? thanks!
  • EdasEdas Posts: 3
    Hi, I have the same issue on PSW PRO 660wi. Has anyone managed to find where is the problem? Also how to fix it?
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    Not that you will see this until I'm let out of polk prison, which I'm in for a completely unjustified reason.

    The sub amp has failed, you need a new one.
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  • Hey guys, has this been sorted? Mine has just started doing this exact same problem.
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