Sub is cooked

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I have an older SVS PB12-ISD and over the weekend it started to make a crackling noise. I've opened it up and sure enough the driver is cooked. I called SVS and they'll provide me with a new driver for 250 bucks. I don't believe my sub would be worth that much in good condition.

So does anyone have an idea for a replacement driver for an aging sub? My budget is around 150 bucks. I just need something that'll sound close to about the same as the original driver. Perhaps some of the bass guys will help me out.


  • F1nut
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    What you're asking is like wanting to put a slant 6 in an old Corvette. It might work, but it's still stupid.
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    Replace the woofer with the correct one from the manufacturer, or replace the entire powered subwoofer with a different model.
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    Is this for a HT? I stopped using my HT sub years ago, and don't miss it.
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    The sub will perform very differently if the T/S parameters are substantially different I do not think SVS publishes their driver T/S parameters, so you have no way to know if a replacement driver will be close. It will be trial and error, more likely error. Or you may get lucky. Who knows?